Casey McCoy

About Casey McCoy

Casey is an Advanced Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist, trained by the The Grief Recovery Institute. The Grief Recovery Method is designed specifically to helps grievers deal with those things they wish might have been different, more, or better.*

Grief is defined as any conflicting group of emotions caused by an end to or change in a familiar pattern of behavior.

This means that essentially anything that has affected you negatively is a grieving experience. The goal of the grief recovery process is to help find wholeness and wellness after addressing the pain and anguish that accompanies any grief or loss.

The Grief Recovery Method utilizes a 7-session, step-by-step approach that gives you specific instructions and a plan of action. It is currently the only Grief Support Program to be recognized as evidence based, which means research has been conducted about how the Grief Recovery Method works and is published in peer-reviewed journals.

Casey is here to assist grievers, no matter their emotional loss. She is not only a trained professional, but she has used this same action plan to cope with grief in her own personal life. Therefore, Casey understands the pain of grief on a very deep and personal level. There was a time in her life where she felt she was drowning beneath the weight of trauma and loss. A friend recommended the program to her and it provided Casey with the practical tools for her to begin her journey of healing. It also gave Casey a new lease on a life full of freedom and hope. Casey extends an invitation for you to join her and begin your new journey to grief recovery.

She specializes in over 40 losses/traumas. Examples include:

  • suicide/overdose
  • sexual abuse
  • spiritual abuse
  • cancer
  • miscarriage
  • bullying
  • divorce/other estrangements
  • children/loss of children
  • childhood trauma
  • pet loss

She also treats intangible losses such as:

  • health
  • faith
  • money

When Casey is not working, she loves being with friends and family, animals, reading, kayaking, and sitting in a hammock next to water.

* James, J.W., & Friedman, R. (1998). The Grief Recovery Handbook. New York: Harper Perennial


Please email or call Casey with any questions or to schedule.

Forms & Fees

Electronic forms will be emailed once initial session is booked.

Please contact Casey to discuss a payment structure based on your needs.